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The Whimisical Thoughts of a Villian

The Abridged Version

2/4/12 08:02 pm - My tweets

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2/3/12 03:02 pm - My tweets


2/2/12 12:12 pm - My tweets

  • Wed, 12:28: I didn't mean to hurt you. I didn't mean to make you cry. I'm just a jealous guy...
  • Wed, 13:44: I'm at Two Fools Tavern (3211 Central Ave NE, btw Wellesly and Bryn Mawr, Albuquerque) http://t.co/wu9A34aI
  • Wed, 15:44: I'm at BrickYard Pizza (2300 Central Ave SE, Harvard Dr., Albuquerque) http://t.co/AAO6sdAb
  • Wed, 16:10: I'm with a cool friend at a place that serves beer. The universe has been a topic of discussion
  • Wed, 16:11: Sad face. I hurt someone who I've never wanted to hurt.
  • Wed, 16:11: I think I died a little, inside
  • Wed, 21:33: They kicked us out bc they thought I was drunk. Fuck them yo (@ Anodyne w/ 2 others) http://t.co/1Vc41mDe
  • Wed, 21:35: Got kicked out of anodyne!!! I'm that sad
  • Thu, 11:58: Oh my gosh I hope I get infringing soon
  • Thu, 11:59: RT @iDisrespectHoez: I aint ashamed of crying over my ex...Yall niggas just too cool for me...I aint cool at all

2/1/12 01:55 pm - My tweets

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1/31/12 05:51 pm - My tweets


1/30/12 05:39 pm - My tweets

  • Sun, 17:47: One more!!!!
  • Sun, 17:48: I am not as great of an artist as I thought I was... bugger
  • Sun, 17:49: Found a new band, too! I guess the universe finds a suitable equilibrium
  • Sun, 18:24: I feel love in your arms
  • Sun, 18:38: Guilty as charged... The scariest phrase
  • Sun, 18:39: If I gave what you're asking for you wouldn't it anymore (via chairlift)
  • Sun, 18:40: Say word
  • Sun, 19:45: Righteous
  • Sun, 19:48: I ask other people if I should put on pant wayyyyy too often
  • Sun, 19:48: Twitter poll: should I put on some pants?
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1/29/12 02:41 pm - My tweets

  • Sat, 20:57: Continue what we started yesterday? -don't mind if I do.
  • Sat, 20:57: RT @iDisrespectHoez: If you do a numb to your upper lip you won't feel your whole face an you can fight UFC fighters
  • Sat, 21:08: RT @iDisrespectHoez: If you drink a whole bottle of alcohol and you get some coke. You won't be drunk no more
  • Sat, 21:28: I feel so much drunk. Ugh, drunk drawing!!!!
  • Sat, 21:53: Holy shit we doing what we did last night. Ain't no 'chill' in our blood!
  • Sat, 21:53: “@kargle84: And we are doing the same thing as last nite..it rhymes with thinking..” um duh
  • Sat, 21:57: Took my daily dose of vitamin chill
  • Sat, 21:58: Glows in the dark
  • Sat, 22:00: “@CremeDeLaKim: Adios mutherfucker!”
  • Sat, 22:28: Omg. That is my life. God show me the most wondrous things, daily
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1/28/12 12:10 pm - My tweets

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1/20/12 03:17 pm - Мои твиты

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1/20/12 04:10 am - Мои твиты

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