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The Whimisical Thoughts of a Villian

The Abridged Version

Marc Spectre
18 May
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I'm Josh. I am figuring out life. I would like to say that I'm a lot like Jack Kerouac if he didn't have the use of his legs and couldn't travel. So, i suppose i am just sitting around pondering the BIG questions. Why are we here, When do we eat, Who are you and who am I, etc. I don't have very lofty goals; i've settled with world domination. I am breathing and I am assuming that the rest will figure itself out; my life that is. I don't have many quirks, just lots of vices. I am a chilled laid back person, yet I am secretly plotting and manipulating everyone. No one reads me right, though they try. I applaud your efforts and I feel pity for you; I don't even know myself (how can you know me better than me?). This blog is the thoughts that occur inside my head, between my ears. I write them down, but I don't write all of them down. I have more thoughts than my tired fingers can type... sorry.